Estate Services, Consultation, Brokerage and Sales
Sales: SOLD  brings you, our professional clients, the most value for your collections by considering the most appropriate market for each antique and object of art in an estate. We retail the best objects in your collection and broker objects that need broad Internet exposure. We insure that when we sell your collections that  they are handled by professionals with broad experience in selling fine objects. We grade objects and work with experts to market, sell, deliver, and liquidate full estates. 

Consignments: We work in conjunction with our appraisal services, and after an appraisal we join with executors and administrators as a team to deliver bequests, ship out of state, move objects to storage, broker fine art and antiques and decorative arts, and liquidate the balance. When coming to provide values beyond the original estate appraisal services, we do consider this an appraisal, and will assist you in that area as well. 

Consultation: We provide a consultation service when you are not sure how to best proceed with the sale of your collections. We will assist you in deciding the value of objects, best method of selling them, best location to sell, whether through auction, brokerage or through us. Of course there is a fee for this service, because ultimately, we want you to be comfortable with the outcome of selling or distributing an estate or collection, and we want to make sure you get the best service and best dollar return, whether we sell, broker, donate or just help you to make an informed decision. Sold, Inc. also regularly works with international and regional auction houses when an estate sale or auction is not your best method of sale.

Storage: We will help to set up storage for estates and collections. We work with select independent contractors to pack safely and make sure that the  storage is secure and insured to protect your collections.

V.A.A.L. #1615
V.A.A.L. #1615